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Rap Star Hero Homepage


Rap Star Hero Is A Unique Collection Of Fully 3d Playable Action Figure Rap Stars With Super Hero Alter Egos That Are Interchangeable On The Blockchain Via The Metaverse, NFTs, Video Games, And Other Verses. We Believe This Is A Movement In The Right Direction, And Possibly An Answer To Many Of The Socio-Economic Issues That Our Community Has Faced Thus Far. 

Rap Star Hero Integrates The Best Of What Play To Earn NFTs On The Blockchain Within The Metaverse Has To Offer By Linking Fresh New Artists And OGs Alike Thus Providing An Opportunity To Create, Distribute, Publish, And Showcase Their Works Inside The Metaverse As An Interactive Experience And Not Just Simply An NFT To Stare At. Players Earn SPIT In-game Which Can Be Staked For BARZ Which Are To Be Traded On Dexes Like Sushi Swap And UniswapV3.


Players Will Grab A Leveled Character Or Create A New One With The In Game Rap Star Hero Editor For For Free. Go It Solo Or Squad Up And Challenge Or Collab With Other Players Online In Different Play Modes For Rewards And Bonuses. Players Compete In Designated Areas On Planet X Starting In Ann City Where You Must Complete Your First Task. Escape From Prison!

After Completing This Training Ground And Leveling Up, Players Gain Access To The Common Areas Of Ann City Where They Can Shop, Chill, Chat, Play Spades, Hang Out At The Club, Battle Rap, Trade NFTs And Items With Other Players, And Much Much More! Only Paid Characters Can Be Rented, Sold, Or Become Eligible For SPIT or BARZ Rewards, But Are Not Required To Play Or Level Up.

The Characters

Rap Star Hero Characters Are 3D Modeled, Crafted, And Animated For Real-Time Interactive Gameplay And Metaverse Functionality & Experiences. Each One Features 1000’s Of Animations Including Social And Performance Animations As Well As The Ability To Control Your Rap Star Hero’s Movements Using VR Motion Control Equipment And Camera Rigs Like Faceware & Animaze

Immersive Worlds

Rap Star Hero Features Over 24 Play Areas Inside Black Nation Open World Metaverse. These Include Battle Royale Style PVP, CTF, Team Deathmatch And Cooperative Missions & Boss Battles With More Coming Soon. Players Will Be Able To Interact And Socialize With Each Other As Well Via Voice And Chat. 

High Quality Interactive 3D NFTs

Each Rap Star Hero Character Is 100% Compatible With Rap Star Hero Game And Black Nation Metaverse. Characters Are Also Meant For Use In Other Applications And Metaverse Properties Such As And VRChat With More Cross-Metaverse Functionality Coming Soon.

Roadmap Situation


Create Rap Star Hero Website

Create Rap Star Hero Website. And Integrate Web3 Wallet Connectivity And Interaction With Blockchain. 

Create & Fund Collection


Create And Mint Rap Star Hero Foundation For NFT Contracts On Polygon RPC. 

Release Founder's Class NFTS


In An Effort To Gain Support Resources & Awareness For This Project And Obviously Fund Our Giant’s Milk Habit, We’re Releasing A Limited Number Of Dripped Out Level 10 Player Characters For Those Who Want To Support The Development Team, And Own A Part Of The Rap Star Hero Legacy With Hella Perks 🙂 Also, We REALLY Love Giant’s Milk!!

Air-Drops AIR-DROPS!


Air-Drop BARZ And Rap Star Hero NFT Founder’s Class NFTs To Founder’s Edition Owners, Followers On Rarible, Opensea, And Social Media (Twitter, instagram, Facebook, etc.) This Will Be Done At Random And At Our Own Discretion As There Are A Limited Number (999) Of Each Founder’s Class NFT However, Each Owner Of Founder’s Class Rap Star Heroes Will Receive 1,000,000 SPIT To Spend In-game On Items And Abilities.

Pet Breeding & Training


Interchangeable Attributes & Traits Chosen Randomly To Create An Entirely New Creature. Both Players Involved Will Receive An Egg With A Pet Inside & The Look Of The Pet Is Determined At Random Based On One Of The Two Pets Used In The Breeding Process. 

Metaverse Launch


Beta Testing Phase Begins For Rap Star Hero Gameplay And Social Elements In The Metaverse. This Is Where We Go Live On Public Networks And Shit Gets Real Serious Real Quick!


Rap Star Hero Founder’s Class NFT Characters Are 18 Characters With Elevated Traits That Allow Holders Event Participation, Perks And Rewards As Well As Cross-metaverse Compatibility With Other Apps And Locations.





Rap Star Hero Team

Meet Our Extremely Talented And Ever Growing Rap Star Hero Development Team. Rap Music Has Been Around For Decades And Our Heroes In Rap Never Seem To Get Enough Positive Credit In News Media, Tech, And Industry. Rap Culture Has Influenced The Lives Of People All Over The Globe & Rap Star Hero Is Our Tribute To Those Influences. There’s Absolutely No Denying That The Spirit Of Rap Music And Hip Hop Culture Has Changed Our Lives Forever.

Rap Star Heroes

Our Team Has Over 50 Years Of Combined Experience In Our Respective Fields Of Expertise.



Specializing In: Multimedia Development Including Games, Video, And Music.

Industry History: Lead Designer On Sega Dreamcast Game Shiken: Evenstar



Specializing In: Cyber Security And Networking

Industry History: Asset Acquisitions And Financial Compliance For SEC



Specializing In: Master Of Computer Sciences.

Industry History: React, Node, PHP, C++, Android, iOS, UE4+5.

Rap Star Hero - Partners

These Partners Have Provided Technology, Creativity Or Funding To Help Bring Rap Star Hero To Life In The Metaverse

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