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Introducing Rap Star Hero

When building a game powered by the the largest decentralized NFT marketplace in the world, user testing is key.

The Faces of Rap Star Hero

Fanalogy Games is happy to announce the alpha version of Rap Star Hero, a brand new Metaverse app powered by NFTs via web3 and blockchain. Founded by Shiken: Evenstar designer Terrell Hill and a few select creatives and coders from the Fanalogy/iAM team. You may have seen a couple leaks on the twitter profile or in the Rap Star Hero channel of the Discord server over the last few weeks, but overall, we have done an incredible job of keeping Rap Star Hero a secret until now.

Rap Star Hero open testing is the first phase of Project Black Planet. The testing and preparation process that will lead us to final migration to to an installable hybrid web3 application for Blockchain (final name TBA). This game is built on Polygon’s chain and will demonstrate many of the various operations of the blockchain that will be used by the Black Nation Ecosystem in the future.

SPIT Token

A key component of this test is a new temporary token called SPIT. It exists in Rap Star Hero on the Polygon Network. Here are some important things to know about SPIT.

When you first launch the game you will be prompted to grant an permission for your SPIT tokens to be spent. This is to allow in-game purchases with SPIT tokens, which may be implemented at a future phase of Rap Star Hero. This permission idea is an example of the types of features you can expect to see in the blockchain games we are building. More information about this and other features are on the way.

Most users will not have SPIT in their game wallet or off chain when they start playing. Dont worry, There is a counter shown on your wallet screen that ticks upwards relative to your time spent actively in game missions or interactive common areas. These rewards and bonuses are applied relative to your boost level for example a 2x boost will reward 2 times the amount of spit in your wallet than a 1x boost. Boosts are account level features granted by avatars and other items that the player has equipped. At some point, we will air-drop SPIT and BARZ tokens to players who are active on the platform both during testing phases and release versions.

SPIT is a real token on Polygon’s Chain, but it is not transferable and has no monetary value whatsoever. It exists solely to Rap Star Hero.

SPIT has no value.
SPIT is not transferable.

How to Play

This is simple. If you have a web3 enabled Ethereum wallet, you’ll be ready to start playing Rap Star Hero once it’s released. 

Destroy as many opponents as you can to complete missions. You’ll earn SPIT as you complete missions as a reward, then use that SPIT to buy extra in-game items and equipment at designated areas. Use boosters for a slight bonus. 

The gameplay currently consists of two modes with other modes planned to be added in the future including farming, breeding, and live studio music authoring and recording sessions to name a few. .

Watch the Block

Using the live block explorer, you can watch all blockchain transactions taking place in Rap Star Hero. Even for those new to blockchain, this is a fun process, and we want this to be an awesome learning opportunity for you too.

View BARZ BLOCK Explorer

Why do we Test?

We want to bring as many people as possible into this initial playtest in the hopes that we recognize and resolve the tipping points. Small issues in execution are to be expected, and in many situations, they are helpful for us as we’ll learn something that could avoid catastrophe later on.

This game may look incredible, but remember that it is not an example of a fully polished, release-ready Game. Rap Star Hero was conceived and created entirely as a demonstration, and while the creators did an extraordinary job, it should not be taken as a fully developed or complete game. Instead, enjoy it for what it is: A really fun example for the blockchain of our future.

We are not releasing a game in the tradition that most teams normally would. We have included a very intense environment with tons of transactions on the chain than probably needed in an effort to well. . . Break it. If the game fails due to this, we’ll have a better idea of the performance thresholds of blockchain being used in this light, and can make modifications to the game for optimal performance. In turn, we’ll be able to support the large worlds, vast environments, and ultimately millions of users that Black Nation Meta seeks to host and we’re proud to be a part of.

Community Feedback

As part of the testing process, we welcome all your feedback in Discord, and we know you’ll be on the lookout for bugs, no matter how small. We appreciate your help in locating these bugs, and we reserve the right to reward BARZ or SOLATIUM as rewards if and as we see fit. It’s possible that at a later phase of Rap Star Hero , we will use some kind of crack bounty program, but there are none in place at this time.

Remember that a bug in Rap Star Hero gameplay does not necessarily mean there is a bug in the blockchain , contracts, wallets, or coins. Rest assured that any bugs located will be addressed and removed before the full release.

The Next Steps

As you become entrenched inside this Hip Hop culture inspired game and we continue the developmentt and testing process over the coming months, we’ll keep you posted about the many features you’ll enjoy throughout the entire Fanalogy & Black Nation Ecosystem.

For now, we’re knee deep in the development phase to produce a beta that will allow you to get out there and play Rap Star Hero, & experience the power of Polygon’s chain for yourself. Tell your friends, and get ready for more Rap Star Hero updates coming your way very soon!

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